🎯 Does more than Still Store
🎯 Does more than Spot Box
🎯 Does more than Clip Store
Live Switcher (Cut Camera Inputs)
Internal Keyer (Multi-layer Overlay)
Switcher Support (Key/Fill)
Drive Multiple Venue Screens (IMAG)
VDCP Control
24hr Loop Record Inputs
Built-in Slow-motion Replay
Coaches Review Tool
Time Shift


• Touch Screen User Interface
• Integrated Social Media Publishing
• Built-in Branding
• Import/export from USB or NAS
• 24/7 Feed Record
• Dante Audio In and Out
• NDI In and Out

• 8ch (bi-directional SDI) - 2RU Server
• Optional Slow-motion Controller
• Full Ownership of Licenses
• Built-in Audio Monitoring
• 24hr Loop Record (Time Slip)
• 24p, 23.98, 720p, 1080i, 1080p,
• VDCP/ Ross Dashboard control

Turnkey solution, built on the same platform as Envivo Replay, this system is based on Windows 10 Pro, and includes a 22" Touchscreen display with Keyboard, Mouse, and preloaded software on a 2RU (17"x17") hardware server.

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Envivo Studio Wins BOS

At InfoComm 2019, Envivo Studio takes home the Best of Show award. Proving great advances in our software technology and leveraging the best human interface designer in the industry, Studio is ideal for every level of operator.

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Switcher Support


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Fan Engagement


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Studio Production


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Replay Production


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