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Live Production

Powerful tools that are easy to learn and deliver what broadcast professionals expect


• Touch Screen User Interface
• Integrated Social Media Publishing
• Built-in Branding
• Import/export from USB or NAS
• 24/7 Feed Record
• Dante Audio In and Out
• NDI In and Out

• 8ch (bi-directional SDI) - 2RU Server
• Optional Slow-motion Controller
• License Features as Needed
• Built-in Audio Monitoring
• 24hr Loop Record 6-in/2-out
• 24p, 23.98, 720p, 1080i, 1080p,
• 3X or 4X Super Slow-mo
• VDCP / Ross Dashboard control

Turnkey solution, built on the same platform as Envivo Studio, this system is based on Windows 10 Pro, and includes a 22" Touchscreen display with Keyboard, Mouse, and preloaded software on a 2RU (17"x17") hardware server.

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Choose between one to six inputs and mix 720, 1080i, and 1080p formats, or integrate NDI sources as inputs. 1080p sources may also be 24f, 23.98, SpF

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Super Slow-motion

Beautifully enhance sports replays with 1080p at 240fps and 1080i at 180fps. Tell better visual stories, make your fans drool.

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Content Branding

Monetize the conent you capture and replay. Patented branding on the inputs as well as the outputs. Clips and playlists can inherit the brand prior to publishing.

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Social Media Publishing

Push conent directly from capture to your various social media outlets. Integrated tool lets the author publish Clips, Playlists, or Stills and includes Branding.

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The "Wedge"

Slow-mo Controller

Ergonomic, Bold, Tough.

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