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LED boards now have
a new way to display content.

Fast, Simple, Reliable.
Real-time Stats Data Integration.
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- Designed for displaying graphics and video for fascia boards or LED screens
- Automatic content mapping to fit display resolution and size
- Controls and displays content to multiple displays at the same time
- Remote control of multiple units
- As-run logs for Brand Advancement
- Real Time Graphic Overlays (Stats Data Integration)
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LED Board Player

Video LED Boards
Done the Right Way!

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Single Screen

Utilize multiple streams of video and content to create a single board.

Simultaneously drive leaderboards, video and advertising with a single recall.

Turnkey solution, built on the same platform as Envivo Studio, this system is based on Windows 10 Pro, and includes a 22" Touchscreen display with Keyboard, Mouse, and preloaded software on a 2RU (17"x17") hardware server.

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Multi Screen

One stream can cover multiple physical LED boards. Many boards can be driven with content at the same time.

Drive different sized screens or control zones of a board with various Envivo Ribbon players.

Content for each sceen may be changed independently or as a group. Lists may be played out on each stream (player) channel.

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