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Live Production at Your Fingertips

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Designing Live Production Technology
THIS Generation

We believe that live replay is due for a change that revolutionizes workflows, delivers simplistic integration, and significantly lowers the learning curve. Envivo Replay encompasses these values.

Our approach is to challenge traditional live replay by using an intuitive framework with a user interface that is so easy to use, anyone can instantly become a replay operator.  Let Envivo Replay take you to the next level of live replay innovation and experience.
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Mark Hillebrandt

  • 25 Years principal software engineer in live television broadcast products
  • Key founder of the Live Instant Replay business
  • User interface designer and lead software architect for video servers
  • Director of Server and Replay Engineering
  • Specialist in cognitive psychology and UI/UX design
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Adolfo Rodriguez

  • 30 Years of marketing and executive management expertise in growing businesses at leading companies
  • Executive MBA (University of Oregon)
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical EngineeringMinor in Computer Science (University of Portland)
  • System design expert in video servers, SAN storage and live production systems
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Olaf Bahr
VP Marketing

  • 30 Years experience in Live Remote Broadcast production, with ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, TNT and Pac12
  • Master of all slow-motion replay systems in the industry
  • 5 years product manager of slow-motion replay products
  • Expert in workflow management and design for live broadcast systems
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